100% Dutch fava bean meat analogue in supermarkets within 3 years

The European Union wants to become less dependent on the import of protein-rich crops, such as soybeans, to become more self-sufficient. For good reasons: less transport, less risk of damaging far-away eco-systems, creating new business opportunities for European farmers are only a few. Re-discovering the power of protein crops like fava, transforming the beans to tasty products for human consumption, is therefore one of Foodvalley NL’s Protein Shift key-topics. Jeroen Willemsen, Foodvalley NL's Innovation Lead Protein Shift: “Produced by the shortest chain possible, to cherish the power of nature and preventing losses.”

The European consortium CO-FRESH develops techniques, tools, and insights for the re-design of agri-food value chains to make these more environmentally sustainable, socio-economically balanced, and economically competitive. Through collaborative and systemic approaches, the tools and formats are applied in seven pilot cases representing diverse fruit and vegetables value chains across Europe.

Foodvalley NL leads pilot case Fava beans for plant-bases meat analogues

Foodvalley NL is very proud to lead one of those pilot cases: Fava beans for plant-based meat analogues. Jeroen Willemsen tells why the independent platform Foodvalley was chosen to lead this important pilot:

"Foodvalley has a history of successfully harvesting the potential of ready-for-market innovations. By involving and empowering stakeholders along the chain, creating best practices that inspire others"

Nine key actors make it happen

In this pilot case Foodvalley NL, supported by Wageningen University & Research, has brought together nine key actors in the Dutch fava bean value chain: Agriservice Lindenhols, Louis Bolk Instituut, KeyGene, Meelunie, Multiflour, MFH-Pulses, Ojah, Codrico and BOON-Foodconcepts. Starting from May 2021, these organizations will work together for the next three years to commercialize the value chain and increase consumer awareness and value. The goal?  A 100% Dutch fava bean meat analogue on the shelves in the supermarket, truly appreciating the ingredient’s origin and its growers.

Jeroen:”Together we work on an important KPI: Dutch first retail product, fully Dutch Fava-based, in the retail shelves before 2023”.

More valuable pilots of CO-FRESH

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101000852.


Jeroen Willemsen, Innovation Lead Protein Shift

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