Zyrcular Foods

Zyrcular Foods is a Spanish provider of solutions among alternative protein. Integrated within the structure of one of the agri-food leaders in Europe, and member of EU’s Smart Protein project, this startup works under a completely open business model and is focused in three main areas: Zyrcular Protein Lab, Zyrcular Plants and Zyrcular Brands.

Zyrcular Protein Lab is the core of the company, and it’s devoted to streamline plant-based meat products to the Mediterranean taste through dynamic and innovative R+D+i. Zyrcular Plants is its power, engaging sustainable integrated and scalable production of alternative protein with a value chain that leverages quality, food safety and service capabilities. At last, but not least, Zyrcular Brands works as a landing platform in Europe for innovative projects worldwide and is also a growth driver for the plant based sector in Spain through the distribution of selected global top plant-based brands and intense marketing collaboration, in order to feed the availability of these products to mainstream consumers and increase the affluence of them to plant based meat aisles.

On each and every case, the people at Zyrcular Foods work with one particular thought in mind: to set up a new integrative food system, sustainable, healthy, caring and fair… for ourselves and for those to come.

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