W&G Brinkhorst

Supplier of fresh and freshly prepared chicken and turkey dishes and a wide variety of game meat

W&G Brinkhorst has branches in Ede and Best, The Netherlands, and is one of the leading suppliers of fresh and freshly prepared chicken and turkey dishes. They also have a large game assortment, among which exclusive wild hams and patés. The focus of the company is towards the professional horeca and catering market and the institutional sector.

Power of the company

De power of W&G Brinkhorst lies in her customization and flexibility. Their clients can order how much, but also how they want it; fresh, braised, low in sodium, and so on. All kinds of portion sizes are available as well. They adapt to the customer.

Innovative character

W&G Brinkhorst is innovative in coming up with new products and combinations of products. Next to that, they think of concepts like Chef's Friend, which have a clear added value for the chef and his team. They are future-oriented and try to be an extension of the kitchen.

Development means being able to follow trends, but also being the initiator of trends.

  • Fresh
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Game
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