Wageningse Lente

Wageningse Lente (Wageningen Spring) is an agency for internet marketing and business development. We bring change. With fresh ideas and clever strategy, we help to accelerate the acceptance and purchasing of sustainable food products.

It’s clear. We need a different way of thinking. 80% of Dutch people are positive about a better climate but only a small percentage really take action. Meanwhile there are plenty of innovations coming to market like yours. As a Wageningen company we see it as our role to bring the spring. We combine the newest commercial and digital insights with Wageningen ingenuity.

So we say: Let’s go online and improve your impact.

How can you quickly build reach? How do you make sure early adopters find you? How do you gain trust? With our integral approach searchers become your visitors and visitors your customers. Check our website for our services

Wageningse Lente is all Wageningen: innovative, international, full of creativity and passion to accelerate society toward sustainability. We know how to reach people and get them in motion

  • Internet marketing
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Online strategy
  • Social media
  • Facebook ads
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