Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods

Explores possibilities for plant-based ingredients

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods, a company with around 500 employees, has joined Foodvalley NL’s protein cluster in February 2021. For Vreugdenhil, adding value does not just mean offering a tasty and nutritious product, but also making a positive impact with its production process. Vreugdenhil aspires to do everything in its power to create sustainable products by using sustainable production methods.

The demand for healthy food is rising

Vreugdenhil turns fresh milk into nutritious and tasteful milk powders. The company’s milk powder products are used to prepare a nice glass of milk or (infant) nutrition and are used by different types of companies, such as bakeries, and ice cream and chocolate producers.

The demand for healthy food is increasing worldwide. As a Dutch milk powder producer, Vreugdenhil is responding to this demand: its milk powders are exported to over 130 countries, all over the world. Therefore, it is no surprise that Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods’ slogan is: we bring you the best of milk.

Focus on plant-based proteins

Vreugdenhil wants to find out more about using plant-based ingredients. Using these ingredients is a clear trend which the company follows closely. Focussing on plant-based proteins is part of entrepreneurship and looking for opportunities. Within the protein cluster, Vreugdenhil aims to discover what these opportunities are. That is why Foodvalley’s network is important: it offers a great deal of knowledge.

Sharing knowledge and experience

Vreugdenhil has noticed that their specific knowledge on powdering – in their case processing dairy into milk powder – and marketing those products, is valuable. The company is happy to share this knowledge. Would you like to know more about Vreugdenhil or explore the options for cooperation? Please contact Jan Bles, Senior Strategic Advisor at Vreugdenhil.

Vreugdenhil, Hoofdkantoor Nijkerk

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