Vini Mini

“We want to eliminate food allergies”

“Laurie's little boy had a severe allergic reaction to chicken egg as a baby. Medical tests showed he might also develop an allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. Laurie was advised to expose him to low doses of allergens on a regular schedule; an effective but time-consuming approach.

The number of children with food allergies has doubled in the past ten years. This has a huge impact on their quality of life and entails high costs. It also has disadvantages in the transition to a sustainable food system: many plant-based products contain top allergens such as legumes and nuts. However, scientific research shows that eighty percent of food allergies can be prevented by feeding allergens to your baby early and often.

Introduction of allergens

This is how we got the idea for Vini Mini: the easy, healthy and reliable solution for the introduction of allergens. This consists of an online platform where parents can find evidence-based information and healthy baby food products with the correct dosage of allergenic protein. In the development process, we work closely with food technologists, pediatric dieticians and pediatric allergists.

Our mission

We hope to find partners through Foodvalley who want to work with us towards our mission: to contribute to the first 1000 days of mother & child and thus pave the way to a healthy, sustainable and carefree life for all mothers & ‘minis’.”

Jozien Boersma and Laurie Lancee, founders of Vini Mini

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