Verdify: “Foodvalley NL operates in the same ecosystem as we do”

“Easily and quickly get a responsibly-sourced meal on the table that seamlessly dovetails with your needs and wishes. This is made possible by the online software we are developing at Verdify. Consumers create a personal profile on our website, indicating what they like, whether they eat vegetarian or vegan and whether they suffer from, for example, gluten intolerance or any other allergies. Based on their profile, recipes are suggested, to make or have delivered to their home. The recipes adapt automatically to an individual’s Verdify profile.

We got to know Foodvalley NL through the Foodvalley Champions 2020; we were one of the three nominees for this award in the category Food & Health. We didn't win it in the end, but became a member immediately after the presentation. We operate in the same ecosystem. Through Foodvalley NL we hope to come into contact with interesting partners; food retailers and food manufacturers, for example, and other parties in the online recipes market.

At the beginning of 2021 we will launch the largest healthier-recipes website in the Netherlands, with a link to several supermarkets and meal service providers. Later that year we will also invite companies to offer our software through their websites.

Because turning innovations into personalized nutritional advice for the market, is something you can only do together.”

Jochem Bossenbroek
Founder Verdify

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