Veldhuyzen Kaas

Veldhuyzen Kaas has over 125 years experience in cheese business. More than 125 years ago Cornelius Veldhuyzen transported cheese from Dutch farmers to sell their cheese for the best possible price. Cornelius Veldhuyzen succeeded in trading cheeses and expanded his activities.

In 1884 the first cheese warehouse of the Veldhuyzen Family was a fact and this was the start of a meanwhile 125-year-old family tradition. Nowadays Veldhuyzen Kaas has a unique and wide assortment of premium quality Dutch cheese specialities which are supplied to our customers.

Veldhuyzen Kaas has the technical skills to develop and determine the cheese specialties that are suitable for their customers. Additionally, throughout the years Veldhuyzen Kaas has developed extensive knowledge of cultures and countries that ensures that their cheese is accepted in many countries all over the world.

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