The driving principle of Vegger is to change the way people acquire and appreciate their daily vegetables. Vegger’s customers use technologically advanced, easy-to-use, and safe systems for indoor vertical gardening. They receive full support and services for frequent harvesting and maintenance.

Vegger promotes an enduring and sustainable world to live in and provides its customers with innovative products and services through combination of cutting-edge technologies (artificial intelligence and sensor platforms), design (elegant and plug & play systems) and circular agriculture (reusing waste and precision farming). The Vegger indoor gardens provide plants an optimal environment to stay fresh and continue to grow in every location, all-year-round.

Vegger's clients are nursing homes for elderly people and other healthcare organizations. The products and services of Vegger contribute to improving the physical and mental well-being of elderly people through contribution to the livability of the locations and improving the vegetable intake among the residents.

  • Indoor garden
  • Vertical farm
  • Indoor agriculture
  • Healing environments
  • Interior greening
  • Local food
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