VanDrie Group

The Dutch family business the VanDrie Group is the global market leader in veal, calf leather and calf milk powder. With more than 25 companies and an annual turnover of approximately €2.2 billion, the VanDrie Group is the largest private agribusiness group in the Netherlands. It exports its high-quality products to more than 60 countries around the world. The VanDrie Group is an integrated producer that manages the entire production chain, including calf husbandry, raw dairy products processing, calf feed, calf slaughterhouses, calf skins, marketing and promotion.

Veal is easily digestible and highly nutritious. The Dutch controlled quality veal of the VanDrie Group meets all the requirements to address food needs worldwide. As the global demand for meat protein rises, new and innovative ways to produce the necessary quantities are required and the VanDrie Group can meet these requirements.

Throughout the production chain, food safety, animal welfare and environmental management are assured by Safety Guard, the VanDrie Group’s unique full-service quality system. Safety Guard is based on ISO 22000 and incorporates IFS and BRC. The key feature of Safety Guard is its traceability system.

The VanDrie Group’s methods are based on innovation, know-how and craftsmanship. At the VanDrie Group, respect for people, animals and quality has been second nature for generations.

  • Veal
  • World Market Leader
  • Animal Welfare
  • Food Safety
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