Van den Beuken Eiprodukten

Van den Beuken Egg Products is one of the smaller egg processing and egg product companies in the Netherlands. During a recent avian flu epidemic, the business transformed itself from a traditional poultry farm to a modern chicken egg processing facility.

Van den Beuken Eiprodukten (egg products) is specialized in processing eggs to create a wide range of innovative food products. The company provides whole eggs, egg whites, egg yolks and semi-finished egg products for the food industry.

Van den Beuken also develops end products. Its first product was advocaat, an egg liqueur similar to egg nog. Van den Beuken’s advocaat tastes different than the traditional Dutch variety and is available in three flavors: natural, amaretto and banana. The product is available in tubs for the bakery industry and in small bottles for local stores. There is also a bonbon with Van den Beuken advocaat.

The company is also working on a high-protein sports drink. The drink contains 20 grams of protein per portion, exactly the amount of protein the human body can ingest in one go. Egg protein closely resembles human protein and that makes the drink suitable not only for athletes, but also for people recuperating from illness. Van den Beuken also develops a series of ready-to-eat meat substitutes for barbecuing.

All Van den Beuken products are additive free. Van den Beuken strives to keep innovating and come up with surprising food solutions. Eggs are what Van den Beuken is all about.

  • Innovation
  • Egg products
  • Advocaat
  • Protein drink
  • Custom solutions
  • Meat substitutes
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