Triskelion B.V. – a TNO initiative – positions itself as an innovative Contract Research Organization with one principle purpose: to help develop products that improve health and wellbeing of your customers. We are specialized in multidisciplinary projects where our consultative skills, knowledgeable expertise and personal care all contribute to tailor made study designs and reliable project management. It is our people that make the difference. It is our mission to improve and safeguard people’s health around the globe.

The world lives and grows thanks to healthy food products. Consumers rely on you to provide a safe product. Triskelion helps safeguard your brand reputation by ensuring that your product meets all the quality and safety demands.

Food for humans and animals must be safe. The world lives and grows thanks to healthy and safe food products, and ultimately consumers want just one thing: to be happy in the knowledge that the end product is safe.
Our services are designed to address three key questions:

  • What is in my product?
  • Is my product doing what it is intended to do?
  • Is my product safe?

In vitro TNO gastroIntestinal Models (TIM)
Our various in vitro models excel in generating science based evidence on the behavior and efficacy of food and food ingredients in humans. Our in vitro gastrointestine TIM systems are regarded as the golden standard in mimicking the GI conditions of humans in different age groups, like adults, infants and elderly, but also various animal conditions like pigs, calf’s and dogs. Next to offering Contract research where we jointly design the best study plan tailored to your specific needs we also have two other business models to serve your interest: leasing or purchasing your own TIM system.

Analytical Research Centre
Our Analytical Research Centre focuses on high-end analytical chemistry with advanced facilities and expertise. Advanced validated methods are developed and used for product characterization, product quality and safety. With over 40 years of experience, we are recognized as experts in the analysis of nutrients in infant formula and premixes, including every ingredient from vitamin A to zinc. In addition to nutrient testing, we also perform GMO and allergen analysis, as well as animal species detection in food or feed.
Another example of a world class unique service is our 24/7 Emergency Response Service for immediate expert support in case of product issues or a potential food safety crisis.
We are your dedicated partner regarding Food Contact Materials questions. Also very proud to highlight our TrustGel™ method: the answer to all your questions about the species origin of gelatin.

Our knowledge is your strength!

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