The TIM Company

The TIM Company is a Center of Excellence for oral bioaccessibility, developing and supporting the use of in vitro gastrointestinal equipment with high predictability for the behavior of pharmaceutical compounds and nutritional products.

Our story
Once a research project within the Dutch Institute of Applied Scientific Research (TNO) 25 years ago, the TIM technology evolved with a focus to support the development of healthy food products and to study the availability for absorption of functional ingredients for a better, safer and healthier life. Following a successful start, the TIM technology was also applied to studying the solubility and release of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from oral drug products in the pharmaceutical market. After continued success and growth, it was time for TIM to stand on its own and in January 2020, TIM became TIM B.V., trading under the name “The TIM Company”.

Vision & Mission
It is the mission of The TIM Company to protect the health of people and animals around the world by revolutionizing the food and drug development process. To accomplish this, they have a vision to provide the best dynamic, predictive in vitro gastrointestinal model for food and drug testing which simulates with a high degree of accuracy and robustness the gastrointestinal conditions of interest, thereby de-risking lengthy and expensive subsequent human trials and offers an alternative to animal trials.

  • Protein Digestion
  • Survival
  • Microbiome
  • Pre-/probiotics
  • Gastrointestinal research
  • In-vitro
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