The Quinoa Company

Producer and supplier of quinoa (products) grown and produced in the Netherlands and other West-European countries.

The Quinoa Company (TQC) is a specialist seed company focused on the development and commercialisation of highly-productive quinoa varieties. Our ambition is to make quinoa a global staple by delivering innovations in genetics and seed technology that enable the large-scale and profitable cultivation of the crop everywhere in the world.

Why quinoa

Quinoa is an excellent answer to the modern challenges of our global food system. The crop is extremely resilient and has the potential to expand the production of highly nutritious food to a wide range of agri-ecosystems, including nutrient-deficient, arid and saline environments. Quinoa seeds are also protein-rich and have an excellent balance of all essential amino acids. The inclusion of quinoa in global diets can satisfy the growing demand for healthy, sustainable, and affordable (plant-based) proteins while adding biodiversity to global agriculture.

A modern seed company built on cutting-edge technology

TQC has an exclusive partnership with Wageningen University and Research, the world’s leading agriculture university, and a pioneer in quinoa breeding with 30 years of experience. Our joint-breeding program uses state-of-art molecular and breeding technologies to explore and exploit the untapped genetic potential of quinoa for yield, agronomic resilience, and nutritional quality. We aim to consistently deliver higher and stable yields for farmers, increasing the competitiveness of quinoa against other staple crops.

Working with us

Our business strategy focuses on building long-term partnerships with professional farming companies around the world that understand local (and international) commodity markets and can create scale.

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