The Protein Brewery

The Protein Brewery develops new food ingredients that are healthy, sustainable and cost-effective. Its brewed Fermotein™ products are based on natural organisms. Raw materials used are non-allergenic, water efficient crops like sugar beet, sugar cane, corn, potato and cassava. Half of the composition of Fermotein™ on a dry basis is protein, and a third is dietary fibers. Fermotein™ will become available as a staple food ingredient, capable of replacing animal protein in any diet without compromising on nutritional value. In other applications it will be capable of replacing carbohydrates by proteins and fibers.

Next to using natural organisms The Protein Brewery has the toolbox to engineer designer proteins and express proteins of interest in it’s proprietary fungal expression technologies bases on Fungi Generally Regarded as Safe. The proteins of interest may be of any source; either microbial, but also plant derived or animal derived. Using this expertise and these technologies, The Protein Brewery is developing a platform to produce an egg white protein without the use of any animal.

The company’s development team is now 15 persons covering molecular biology and process technology as well as regulatory and QA expertise. Processes are developed based on fermentation; solid liquid separation and subsequent concentration and formulation of proteins and protein-rich ingredients.

Protein technology development
The development of new technology for the production of Fermotein™ as human protein and fiber food ingredient.
The development of new technology for production of egg white proteins by fermentation.

  • Food proteins
  • Fungal fermentation
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