the LIVEKINDLY Collective

The LIVEKINDLY Collective, new member in the Foodvalley ecosystem: "We're making plant-based food the new normal"

"To really make a positive impact on the environment, the food system has to change significantly. Plant-based eating must become the new normal. Here at LIVEKINDLY Collective, with entrepreneurs from all over the world, we are convinced of this. With our food brands Like Meat, Fry's, Oumph! and No Meat , and our media platform LIVEKINDLY, we are working to make this transition a reality. By positively influencing the entire chain, from seed to plate.

We have taken significant steps towards sustainability, but we are not there yet. For us, the focus now is on increasing distribution of our brands and expanding into new markets such as China and North America. To expedite this we work with partners who share our mission and values, and by investing in R&D and innovation. We are always looking to expand our network, reason for us to join Foodvalley.

To plant-based, together!

We want to find inspiration in this ecosystem for innovations, technologies and strategies that increase consumer awareness of sustainability issues. The faster we scale up, the more delicious and affordable products will become available. Through Foodvalley, we are also ready to join forces with other companies, to lobby for a tax system in which the true cost of meat and fish is passed on in the price - crucial to bringing about structural change. In addition, we'd like to get in touch with innovative startups with a view to collaboration. Through our rapidly growing media platform, we can share news from the ecosystem with the rest of the world. Combining our channels and brands with the knowledge and network of Foodvalley, together we can make plant-based the norm!"

Kees Kruythoff: Chairman and Director the LIVEKINDLY Collective

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