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Plant-based should be the new standard

Retail consultant Danielle Mol has a clear goal in mind: to make plant-based the new standard. Her way of making this happen is to help both manufacturers and retailers to market plant-based products. The transition to plant-based has been set in motion, but Danielle feels things are not moving fast enough. In March 2021, she signed up her company The GreenUp Company for the Innovation field Protein Shift. Because she cares about the Foodvalley ecosystem and because she wants to expand her – already extensive – network. Danielle has a great deal of experience in sales and trade marketing, working for major food manufacturers. During a sabbatical, spent partly in India and Pakistan, she decided it was time for a drastic change.

Fulfilling sustainability ambitions

“At 33 I had made a career for myself, with huge budgets under my control, but it just didn’t feel right. I wanted to work on sustainability. Personally, I had switched to a mainly plant-based diet five years earlier. For health reasons, but also because of the environment, animal suffering, and the food and water supply. After my sabbatical, I looked around for employers that would give me a chance to fulfil my ambitions. There were virtually none. That is why I decided to start my own business, in 2020, in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. Best decision ever”, Danielle states.

Speeding up the transition to plant-based

Her company, The GreenUp Company, now helps both manufacturers and retailers to market plant-based products. Danielle: “There are plenty of initiatives to get more plant-based products onto the supermarket shelves. Retailers also realise that there is a need for change. But they seem to struggle with the details, which slows down the process. I can help them with these problems, quickly and easily. Sometimes the solution is very simple and it only requires a minor adaption. Take coconut milk, for instance. In some cases, animal protein is added to the coconut milk. Completely unnecessary, as there are lots of fully plant-based alternatives.” Danielle also lends a helping hand to manufacturers in marketing their plant-based products. “It is so rewarding to help a company reach a higher level, and see how they then present themselves with a more professional attitude and are full of confidence when dealing with retailers.”

Mission: 50 per cent of all supermarket products must be plant-based

Danielle joined the Foodvalley ecosystem because she wants to work with companies that strive for a structural change of the food industry. “I am all about numbers, I have an analytic mind and I believe in the link between knowledge and production. Within the Foodvalley ecosystem, I can be that link. I know what is happening in retail and what manufacturers are up to. My mission is to increase the market share of plant-based products, and I can do that by influencing both parties.”

The GreenUp Company, Danielle Mol


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