Tessa's meal prep services

Personalised nutrition

Tessa’s meal prep service offers healthy ready-made meals, specifically tailored to the customer’s needs, preferences and personal taste. In March 2021, owner Tessa Sandmann joined Foodvalley NL’s innovation field Food & Health. Here she hopes to meet other entrepreneurs who prioritise personalised nutrition.

Tessa Sandmann is a personal trainer and nutritionist by trade. In September 2019, she started her business, because she noticed that many people experience difficulty maintaining a healthy and varied diet.

A healthy lifestyle thanks to personalised nutrition

Tessa says: “Lifestyle-related illnesses like obesity, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease are becoming more and more prevalent, which is very concerning. With Tessa’s meal prep service we help our customers by providing them with personalised ready-made meals that are tailored to their needs and goals, but above all are tasty and healthy. Nowadays, dieticians and GPs regularly refer their clients to us, because they have seen that our approach can help people adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Tested and approved by dieticians and chefs

Tessa’s meal prep service is growing exponentially. A team consisting of 12 people prepares the healthy and personalised meals that are delivered to hundreds of households in Amsterdam in electric cargo bikes. Dieticians and chefs test and sample the meals. And as far as Tessa is concerned, she’ll soon have more people working for her: “Our ambition is to become the tastiest, healthiest and biggest ready-made delivery service in the Benelux countries.”

Desire to digitalise further

Through Foodvalley, Tessa hopes to meet other companies in the field of personalised nutrition, to discuss trends and developments and share knowledge. “In return we can offer our experience in the field. Personalised nutrition is a relatively new area, but we are doing well and are improving and expanding rapidly. By now, we have collected a lot of data and know why people make certain buying decisions.
In order to use this data to better effect, we want to further digitalise our process. Our customers fill out an intake form, telling us about their goals, preferences and taste. We would, for example, like to integrate that data with a recipe database. We are also considering the possibility to exchange clients’ progress with dieticians and GPs. At the same time, we are dealing with very personal data that, obviously, has to be protected exceptionally well. I hope that we can find companies through the platform that can help us with this”, Tessa concludes.

Tessa Sandmann, owner

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