Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd

Suntory Group was founded in 1899 in Japan and is today a multi-faceted food and beverage company operating in a variety of areas of core businesses including alcoholic beverages, soft drinks and health foods.

Since its creation, the mission of Suntory has been to bring happiness into the lives of customers by providing a range of high quality products and services according to its mission “in Harmony with People and Nature”.

Inspired by the motto of “Yatte Minahare - Go for it!” Suntory has continued to grow in new business areas in many countries by constantly challenging themselves to redefine value. As a result, the core segments were expanded to encompass a diverse portfolio of businesses such as food services, fitness, flowers and plants greenery systems.

In 2013, Suntory Global Innovation Center Ltd. was established as a cross-functional company of the Holdings with the mission to strengthen and accelerate Suntory’s innovative products creation.

  • Beverages (All types)
  • Health Foods
  • Wellness
  • Flowers
  • Plants
  • Restaurants.
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