Sunsweet Public Company Limited

Higher yields, lower post-harvest losses

Higher quality, better yields and reduction of post-harvest losses – at Sunsweet Public Company Limited they are continuously striving for maximum performance. That is why the sweet-corn specialist has decided to join Foodvalley.

“We want to learn more about post-harvest technology, healthy nutrition, shelf-life improvement and other ways to further develop our business.” explains Ongart Kittikhunchai, Chief Executive Officer at SunSweet International. “And we would like to find partners that want to collaborate with us on these themes.”

Well-organized innovation ecosystem

Kittikhunchai got to know Foodvalley when participating in a foreign delegation visiting the Netherlands. “Wageningen is well known for its research in agrotechnology. In this area, Foodvalley has built a well-organized innovation ecosystem in fields that are important to us, such as Circular Agriculture, Food & Health and Protein Shift.”

Contract farming

The CEO is looking forward to collaborating with other Foodvalley members and is happy to share his company’s knowledge, expertise and ideas: “We have over twenty years’ experience in contract farming and supply-chain management, from seed selection to educating farmers on topics like fertilization and irrigation.”


Sunsweet Public Company Limited, founded in 1997, is one of the leading companies in Thailand. The company produces canned, frozen and ready-to-eat vacuum-packed sweet corn and various other agricultural products. These are sold in Thailand and exported to over 50 countries, including Japan, Korea, the UK and Germany. Over 20,000 Thai farmers are affiliated with the company that is dedicated to contribute to prosperity in the country.

Adisai Samniang

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