Suiker Unie

Suiker Unie focuses on a strong market position in North West Europe at the lowest possible cost price for sugar.

Suiker Unie is part of Royal Cosun, an agro-industrial group of businesses, a cooperative of approximately 10,000 growers.

Suiker Unie provides a wide range of granulated sugar and sugar specialties to the food industry, the foodservice channel and the retail market. It has all competencies for the food industry, both analytical as technological, as well as those required for product development.

During the production process, other products are generated apart from sugar like sugar beet pulp for animal feed, Betacal (lime fertilizer for agricultural purposes), molasses for the fermentation industry, and green gas resulting from the fermentation of the residual sugars in the washing water of the sugar beet.

In addition, Suiker Unie highly values sustainable business practices which appears by the new fermentation unit (ready 2012) for the production of green gas.