Sri Sri Tattva

“We want to introduce Europeans to the ancient healing science of Ayurveda”

“Sri Sri Tattva Europe BV is committed to a supply-chain model that reflects the Ayurvedic belief in the inextricable connection between health and conscious living. Our focus is, now and in the future, to be uncompromisingly planet-friendly through the practice of natural farming and agroforestry techniques and, at the consumer 'end', to re-establish peoples' natural health, and improve immunity through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. Known in India as the science of life, it works from a holistic perspective, striving for balance between body and mind.

Evidence-based research

We want to improve the awareness of Ayurveda across Europe through partnerships and collaborations, and build trust through a responsible product line and evidence-based research. To this end we are collaborating with, amongst others, Wageningen University, Frankfurt Innovation Center and (soon) the University of Bonn. We investigate, for example, how to create transparent supply chains, and provide economic incentives to natural farmers through blockchain and AI based solutions. And we connect age-old Ayrveda insights with modern nutrition and health sciences.

Sustainable farming

We chose to be part of the Foodvalley ecosystem to facilitate contact with like-minded companies and organizations who would like to collaborate with us in the development of new products to improve peoples' health and feeling of wellness. We also seek to inspire other companies with our vision and our knowledge of sustainable farming and agroforestry.

Pina Cardia, responsible for Communications and Marketing at Sri Sri Tattva Europe B.V.

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