Smart Fox Nutrition

Smart Fox Nutrition: “We want to get in touch with innovative start-ups”

"Cookies with extra protein, bars with ‘slow’ carbohydrates for long-lasting energy and ‘sports performance gummies’, these are just a few of the innovations that we are working on at Smart Fox Nutrition, founded in 2020. We support starting entrepreneurs in all phases of the process, from market research and concept development to selling the product, and we connect them with suppliers and buyers. We are now working with companies in several European countries.

I was already familiar with Foodvalley NL from my previous job at VSI. I visited their stands at trade fairs and we held a webinar together on the future of sports nutrition at the end of 2018. In recent years, they have built an international ecosystem with many different companies, which made it very interesting for us to join. As a Foodvalley member, we want to share knowledge about trends and market developments with other parties. We hope to find new suppliers and manufacturers to partner with in the diet and sports nutrition industry. And we would like to get in touch with innovative start-ups to invest in, for example through one of Foodvalley NL’s accelerator programs.”

Roel van Dam, founder of Smart Fox Nutrition

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