“Foodvalley NL will open doors for us”

“Shiru leverages machine learning and precision biology to identify and create ideal food proteins to fuel the future of food. Our discovery approach consists of predicting functional proteins in silico and producing and testing small amounts of specific, high-value proteins in-house through high-throughput fermentation and analysis. Shiru is building the first database linking protein molecular identity with food functionality (e.g., solubility, emulsification) at scale. The most promising candidates will be commercialized.

We are in discussions with several food companies regarding our functional ingredients and for joint development of custom proteins. Our initial focus is on proteins with gelation properties, as these have broad applicability, including alternatives to meat, dairy, and eggs.

The Netherlands is a global leader in sustainable proteins and food technology, which I learned first-hand while living in Amsterdam for two years. Transforming the food system to improve sustainability outcomes takes an entire ecosystem, and Shiru is proud to be part of Foodvalley. For ambitious start-ups like Shiru, it’s crucial to have support from multiple players, including academic experts, industry leaders, and investors.

We look forward to strengthening Shiru’s ties to the Dutch alt-protein community via Foodvalley NL to launch collaborations for scale up, R&D, and commercialization.”

Jasmin Hume, Founder and CEO of Shiru

Confidental Infomation