Schouw Informatisering

We enable food companies to focus on running and improving their businesses.

Schouw Informatisering, from Aptean, helps food companies since 1998 to grow, with their know-how and intelligent software solutions for food and IT. Their software solution Foodware 365 is born from the passion for both technology and the food industry. Not simply business software for food companies, but a completely innovative software platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, that shares the latest technological innovations with everyone. Everything food companies do generates data, which means everyone can benefit from that. Schouw helps food companies worldwide develop the right recipe to make their food company successful.

The food industry has a lot of challenges to chew on. Every challenge, in every sector in the food industry, requires a technological solution. Insight and control in all your processes is therefore an important measure. The consumer, the retailer and the laws and regulations are becoming stricter and, as a food company, you have to continuously meet those requirements and demands. As experts in food and IT, Schouw has integrated all aspects of food businesses in one complete solution, Foodware 365.

By deploying intelligent technologies, food companies become even more efficient and successful. Schouw offers Foodware 365 and specific, customized services to food companies of every shape and size. From start-up, to small-sized, to SMB and Enterprise companies.

Schouw Informatisering has been acquired by Aptean in November 2019. Aptean is a global provider of mission-critical, industry-specific software solutions.

  • Food industry
  • Technological innovations
  • Software platform Foodware 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
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