Royal Buisman

The leading specialist in caramelised sugars and caramels; enriching the flavour and colour of foods.

Buisman Ingredients has the experience, knowledge, and the competences to heat sugars in a controlled manner resulting in caramels and caramelised sugar. Additionally, she has the technical know-how of the behavior of carmels and caramelized sugars in food products and simultaneously how to apply these ingredients in food products. Buisman Ingredients is focusing on applications in the bakery, meat, dairy and coffee, and delivering customers throughout the whole food industry. It's benefits are not only on aspects such as colour and flavour improvement but also focusing on the possibilities for saving costs and improving profitability. Buisman provides food manufacturers with toll manufacturing services for agglomeration and mixing, suitable for a wide range of powder products and products that disintegrate easily. As a specialist in instant products, Buisman provides a total concept for developing, mixing and filling instant coffee and chocolate drinks with caramels or caramelized sugars. Manufacturers that wish to outsource the production of their products or add value through agglomeration will find an excellent partner in Buisman.

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