Extracting high-quality ingredients from plant-based materials

“We want to stay on top of the developments in the food market and provide new types of plant-based ingredients that companies are looking for. Think of, for example, a highly soluble corn fiber for beverages or a functional pea protein for meat analogues,” explains Cécile Duputel, Corporate Public Affairs Manager at Roquette.

The Protein Cluster

Roquette has been a member of The Protein Cluster – an initiative of Foodvalley – since July 2021, and has decided to intensify its collaboration via a Foodvalley membership. “With its innovation fields Protein Shift and Food & Health, Foodvalley will provide us with a great opportunity to gain new insights and to identify potential new partnerships.”

In its turn, Roquette will bring 86 years of knowledge and expertise in the processing of plant-based materials, as well as an extensive global innovation network. “We have R&D labs all around the world, including France, the USA, China and Singapore, and can provide new perspectives on current expectations, such as regional flavors and nutritional profiles.”

Unlocking the potential of nature

Unlocking the potential of nature is in the DNA of Roquette, which was founded in 1933. The family-owned company extracts high-value ingredients from agricultural raw materials, for applications in food, nutrition and health markets. The company knows how to deal with a broad variety of raw materials, from maize and wheat to yellow peas potato starch and cellulose.


Cécile Duputel
Corporate Public Affairs Manager at Roquette

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