Research Manager

Research Manager facilitates those engaged in life sciences research with an online research platform for everything related to research and registrations. The platform acts as a central point where researchers can access services and information, allowing them to further develop and improve data. Research Manager also offers expertise regarding data collection, validation and enrichment.

Research Manager, since 2013

Founded in 2013, Research Manager has established itself in the world of clinical research. Besides being used by a great number of hospitals in The Netherlands and Belgium, Research Manager is also used by organisations in the AgriFood industry, pharmaceutical industry, and in various other sectors. Research Manager can be a partner for all organisations involved in research.

Sharing data

Research Manager believes that data-sharing capabilities are essential if we are to further improve the quality of scientific research. The research platform gathers all functionalities and information in one place, ready for sharing. The platform facilitates researchers who want to be prepared for a future where the patient, access to data, and sharing data are key

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