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Extraction technologies for healthy and sustainable solutions

From the production of liquorice components to the extraction of bioactive ingredients from winery residues, pomace and juice-factories waste: extraction technology is the key to many healthy and sustainable applications, according to Reglisse Innovations. The company recently became the first in the world to produce crystallized liquorice extract, a highly soluble ingredient with a special flavour.

Reglisse Innovations has been developing extraction technology and equipment for over 20 years. “It was Ruitenberg Ingredients, one of our long-standing customers, who introduced us to Foodvalley and suggested we should become a member,” says CEO Mani Ashrafi. “We were impressed with the diversity in this network, with so many different innovative food and pharmaceutical companies involved. These companies could be interesting partners for us, and could help us gain a deeper understanding of trends and developments in the nutraceutical market. In turn, we can share our knowledge of extraction technology.”

Licorice extract – which has always been Reglisse’s core product – has mainly been used as a flavouring agent, but also has potential health benefits, such as enhancing digestion and supporting the immune system. “That’s why we are focusing more and more on producing bioactive ingredients as well as consumer end products with such ingredients,” Ashrafi explains.

Extracting bioactive components

Producing liquorice extract has always been at the core of Reglisse, which has an R&D Center in Canada and its own extraction facility in the Georgia Republic. These subsidiaries are under the Reglisse Holding BV , headquartered in Rotterdam. Sales sister company Reglisse Innovations BV is another Dutch entity in the group. “We have exclusive access to the richest Glycyrrhiza Glabra resources in the Caucasus region via Licorice LLC, our subsidiary in Armenia,” says Ashrafi. The liquorice extract is used as a flavouring component in, amongst others, food, feed and nutraceuticals, and supplied in different forms: from powder and blocks to (semi)liquids. In addition to liquorice, Reglisse also extracts bioactive components from, for example, red grape waste from wineries and pomegranates as well as silymarin seeds.

News platform

Ashrafi and his team are planning to launch a healthy liquorice product later this year. “I cannot reveal yet what it will be, but we will use the Foodvalley ecosystem as a platform to distribute the news.”

Mani Ashrafi

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