Adding texture and flavour to food products

Exchanging knowledge, expertise and ideas with academia, research institutes and other companies is the secret behind RAPS’ innovative strength. That’s why the multinational, which specialises in adding texture and flavour to food products, decided to join Foodvalley.

“We already knew about the Foodvalley as a place for food and nutrition research, but we did not know there was such a cool innovation community that we could become a part of. A colleague informed us about it and we immediately knew we should join,” says Josefine Schneider, Product Manager at RAPS GmbH.

Many different partners

“The Protein Cluster – Foodvalley’s international network that connects plant-protein start-ups and corporates worldwide – alone already has so many different members on board. I’m sure this will allow us to learn more about the topics that matter to us. Think, for example, of alternative protein sources, functional ingredients, sustainable processing and waste-stream valorisation.” In turn, the multinational will share its own expertise regarding product development, food processing, and consumer demands in countries around the world. “We are also happy to discuss options for coproduction, so that, for example, start-ups can benefit from our facilities.”

Flavour and texture solutions

RAPS was founded almost 100 years ago. Through the years, the company has built up a strong track record in delivering overall flavour and texture solutions, for delicatessen and meat products but also snacks, sweets and seafood. “We have strong roots in the meat business and know a lot about production techniques as well as meat flavour and texture. How, for example, can you find the perfect balance between the two,” says Schneider. “Especially in the meat-alternative space, this is a strong advantage.”

Innovation has always been a huge driver for RAPS and together with the team of the Adalbert Raps Foundation the company is constantly working on advanced technologies and products. “We already have quite a good network with universities, research institutes and start-ups in Germany. It would be wonderful if we could expand this via long-term partnerships with other Foodvalley members.”

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