Rabobank is dedicated to being a leading customer-centric cooperative bank in the Netherlands and a leading food and agri bank in the world.

Rabobank is a bank by and for customers, a cooperative bank, a socially-responsible bank. Their aim is to be market leader across all financial markets in the Netherlands. They are also committed to being a leading bank in the field of food and agri worldwide.

With over 48,000+ employees and 440 offices in 40 countries they serve approximately 8.8 million clients around the world. With their international wholesale and rural & retail banking activities they are active in the regions Europe, North & South America, Australia & New Zealand, Africa and Asia.

Supported by a variety of market leading global product capabilities including capital markets, mergers & acquisitions, trade & commodity finance, project financing and export financing they can offer our wholesale clients a full range of financial products and services.

The local member banks Rabobank Vallei en Rijn, Rabobank Gelderse Vallei and Rabobank Randmeren, aim to be close to the local community. Rabobank sponsors therefor local associations and donates a share of their annual profits in a Cooperation Fund. Rabobank finds it very important to contribute to various initiatives for sustainable development of prosperity and welfare in the region. By doing so the Bank wants to show its commitment to invest in a sustainable future, especially in the Food & Agri sector.

Based on the corporate values and principles of Rabobank this is one of the reasons Rabobank Vallei en Rijn, Rabobank Gelderse Vallei and Rabobank Randmeren connect with the Food Valley Society members. Via this connection they share knowledge and provide networks in order to strengthen the region. Achieving more together!

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