Online platform for personalized nutrition solutions

Every individual should have the opportunity to benefit from the advances in personalized nutrition. This is the firm belief of Qina. A Foodvalley member since September 2021, Qina provides companies with curated content, project services and market intelligence on the latest developments in this emerging field.

It was Nard Clabbers from start-up company Happ who introduced Qina to Foodvalley. “He invited me to write a whitepaper on personalized nutrition together with them and other experts,” says Mariette Abrahams CEO & Founder of Qina.

Consensus needed

She immediately accepted the invitation. “Personalized nutrition is a very promising new field, but consensus – among industry, academia, government and other stakeholders – is needed in order to move forward. We need to agree on what personalized nutrition is – and what it isn’t – the science that substantiates its effects on health and wellbeing, and the direction we are going in.”

Online platform

The Qina platform provides a curated database of personalized nutrition companies, market data and curated content to help companies understand the market, identify market opportunities and knowledge gaps in the field of personalized nutrition. Qina also supports companies around the world with bespoke market research, product development and research services.


Mariette Abrahams
CEO & Founder of Qina

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