Pralines, protein-rich diet and exercise for everyday muscle strength 

Startup Praleucine provides a combination of a daily 7-minute muscle training, tips on protein-rich dishes and delicious pralines with vitamin D and leucine. The concept ensures that muscles retain strength as they age. With strong muscles individuals stay fit longer, recover faster after illness or surgery, and have less chance of falling. 

“Part of the natural process of aging is to lose muscle mass and strength. The good news is that we can influence this process with a protein-rich diet, muscle training and additional vitamins, minerals and amino acids,” says Patrick Tassignon, founder of Praleucine. 

The startup provides pralines, made of Belgian chocolate blended with vitamin D and leucine. Leucine is an essential amino acid and an important building material for muscles. Leucine gives the starting signal for the conversion of proteins into muscles. Vitamin D supports muscle function with aging.   


Patrick Tassignon 

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