Data science inspires a healthy lifestyle

As of the first of July 2021, Pipple is officially registered as a new member of Foodvalley NL, Innovation field Food & Health. Pipple offers data-science solutions that can help people adopt a healthier diet and a healthier lifestyle.

Pipple is a fresh company that, for the past five years, has been focusing mainly on the supply chain and logistics. Bart Grass is responsible for Business Development at Pipple. “We decided to expand to the food industry. I’m convinced that data science can help people adopt a healthier diet and ditto lifestyle. By combining forces within the Foodvalley network, we can come up with solutions, in a joint effort, that help people get there.”

Translating data into personalised diets

Pipple seeks out those companies in the Innovation field Food & Health that develop healthy or personalised nutrition. Bart: “Thanks to data science, creating personalised diets becomes easier. Our data scientists visualise data, carry out complex calculations and use these to come up with dietary options that match the consumer’s wishes. And we’re also interested in collaborating with companies that can translate computational models into practical software or apps. That way, we can offer consumers information in an easy to understand format.”

Pippling complex challenges

The name Pipple says it all, according to Bart: “It has the number pi in it, to symbolise mathematics, but it also encompasses the three Ps: People, Planet, Profit. The additional ‘data science with a purpose’ is very important to us. That is us showing our true colours. It shows how we view society, and it shows that we want to offer society something meaningful. Pipple also refers to Pippi Longstocking, who is sort of our role model. Her motto is: ‘I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.’ That’s us in a nutshell. We offer real solutions, know all about the latest technical developments and, therefore, we can tackle complex challenges. We can pipple those, as we say.”

Bart Gras, New Business Developer, bartgras@pipple.nl

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