Algae as a piece of the protein transition puzzle

Phycom produces different types of algae on an industrial level, as an ingredient for foodstuffs and animal feed. The company does not make end products itself, but they do support other Foodvalley members with the development of new concepts and products.

Phycom is one of Europe’s largest algae production companies. Sales Representative Anneke Roes says:  “We have a lot of experience with setting up new and efficient production systems. We inspire Foodvalley members to produce food in a smarter way. Our processes are sustainable and almost completely automated. That is what helps our team stay small and combative.”

Algae as a sustainable ingredient

Phycom joined the Foodvalley platform in 2011 and focusses primarily on the Innovation field Protein Shift, but the company’s activities touch upon Food & Health and Circular Agrifood as well. Algae are not only rich in protein, but also in fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre. That is why algae can be used as an ingredient in many different foodstuffs, such as alternative meat products, smoothies and doughs, e.g. for noodles, pasta, bread and cookies. And now the feed industry has also discovered the benefits of algae.

“To improve and strengthen the availability and quality of food for both humans and animals. Enter microalgae as a significant food source.”

The importance of the Foodvalley network

Phycom works closely together with companies in the food and feed industry. Anneke explains: “We do not make end products ourselves, but we do help other businesses with the development of new concepts and products. That is why the Foodvalley network is important to Phycom. It ensures that start-ups and scale-ups, and we are scale-ups by now, can come into contact with potential customers. Moreover, thanks to Foodvalley we can draw attention to our product more easily. Like we did at Fi Europe, where we stood under the aegis of Foodvalley. We wouldn’t have been able to do that on our own.”

Innovation partner: always in for new ideas and projects

Phycom itself also continuously works on innovation and development: “Besides growing green algae we are going to grow yellow algae, which contains higher protein levels. Furthermore, it is easier to use yellow algae in doughs and meat substitutes, because its yellow colour makes the end product look more natural. This simplifies the acceptation process by the retailer and the consumer. Another innovation that we are working on, is dividing the naturally unicellular algae. That one cell contains valuable proteins, fatty acids and fibres. By isolating these elements, they become independent products while all valuable assets of the algae are retained”, Anneke explains. “Innovation is in our DNA. That is why Foodvalley members can consider us an innovation partner. We are always open to new ideas and projects!”

Anneke Roes, Sales Representative

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