Peeze Coffee Roasters

Peeze Coffee Roasters: quality coffee with respect for the source.

Quality coffee with respect for the source
Quality and corporate social responsibility are deeply rooted at Peeze Coffee Roasters. The company’s history goes back to 1879, when two Peeze brothers started roasting their own coffee beans. The Peeze coffee became famous for its quality and demand grew quickly. Now, 136 years later, quality is still Peeze’s prime concern and sustainable chain is one of the company’s core values.

More than just coffee
Peeze Coffee Roasters supply more than just coffee. The company’s reasoning is that premium ingredients deserve premium preparation and that can only be achieved with the right equipment. Peeze is concerned for the environmental impact of aluminum single-serve coffee capsules and has therefore sought for an alternative with the bio-based and bio-degradable capsule solution from ATI.

Social Responsibility
Peeze is one of the leading companies regarding social responsibility. The environmental footprint is taken into consideration in their entire organization from sourcing to processing. Some examples of this dedication are visible through their fair trade programs and sustainably produced Arabica coffees.

Peeze supplies 100% certified coffee; all the coffee features the Max Havelaar label, the BIO label or the Rainforest Alliance label. In addition, the coffee is 100% climate-neutral. The Fair Trade Carbon Partnership program helps compensation to take place at the source. The Peeze Foundation supports projects throughout the whole chain: from coffee-related projects in countries of origin to social initiatives in the Netherlands.

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