Panaceutics Nutrition

Personalized nutrient mixtures for optimum health

Panaceutics Nutrition knows that it is usually easier for consumers to get calories than the nutrients they need. That’s why the company supplies manufacturers with smoothie pouches that are precisely tailored to the individual needs of their target groups.

“Healthy, sustainably-produced nutrition is important for the world, and personalised nutrition will be part of the solution,” says Adam Monroe, Chief Executive Officer at Panaceutics Nutrition. “We’ve joined Foodvalley because we want to be part of the discussion on how the food system can be transformed.”

Via the Foodvalley member network, Panaceutics also hopes to find new collaboration partners within the innovation field of Food and Health. “We would like to talk to people who have a unique understanding of the nutritional needs of (segments of) the population and to experts who want to translate into solutions the Big Data that is currently available on health and nutrition,” he says. Developers that focus on relatively unknown niche markets would also be interesting partners.

Personalised nutrient mixtures

Panaceutics Nutrition, headquartered in Research Triangle Park (North Carolina, US), uses its patented suspension technology and robotic manufacturing system to produce customised, easy-to-consume nutrient mixtures in pouches. “We provide our partners with the highest degree of personalisation currently available”, the entrepreneur stresses. “For example, we offer fruit purees with vitamins, minerals, prebiotic fibre, essential oils, herbal extracts and more. These are available in many different compositions and flavours - developed based on personal data that are directly translated into manufacturing instructions.”

Panaceutics’ products find their way to target groups with special needs, such as Alzheimer patients, athletes specializing in extreme sports and mothers with babies who do not tolerate breast milk.

Exploring new personalised solutions

“Our technology allows us to overcome issues many manufacturers are currently dealing with, such as scaling, efficiency and dietary adherence of their customers,” says Adam. “We can’t wait to explore and create new personalised solutions, together with other partners in the Foodvalley network.”

Adam Monroe

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