Ostara Innovations

Catalyzing high-tech innovation in agrifood

Building a bridge between research institutes and corporates, catalyzing high-tech innovation in agrifood – this is the driving force behind Ostara Innovations. The company recently joined Foodvalley to find new partners to team up with and, together, make an impact on the transition to a sustainable food system.

“There are a lot of synergies between Foodvalley and Ostara Innovations,” says CEO Tarun Reddy. “We share the same vision on food security and both believe that innovation in the fields of the Protein Shift, Circular Agrifood and Food & Health is the way forward.”

Rich innovation ecosystem

Via Foodvalley, Ostara has become a partner in a rich innovation ecosystem. “We can tap into Wageningen’s world-class research infrastructure and funding, and partner up with corporates and start-ups that want, like us, to create a sustainable food system,” Reddy continues.
The entrepreneur can’t wait to share the company’s knowledge and expertise with other members of Foodvalley. “Our advisory team has over 25 years of experience in agrifood and know like no other where the gaps are in the stage between research and commercialization. We also bring expertise on intellectual property and licensing of new technologies.”

To accelerate innovation in agrifood

Ostara uses the R&D capabilities of leading institutes around the world to accelerate innovation in agrifood. “There are still many gaps which need to be addressed,” Reddy stresses, “such as demand-supply challenges and issues with finding the right funding to bring novel technologies from the lab to pilot scale.” According to the CEO, promising new technologies disappear in a drawer too often because of these gaps. “Ostara wants to make sure that corporates get a return on their investments in R&D. Together with them we want to increase the chance that disruptive, sustainable technologies will be adopted by society.”


Tarun Reddy

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