ORFI Food Ingredients

The extruded food ingredients from ORFI Food Ingredients are patented and made as much as possible from sidestreams. ORFI Food Ingredients aims to produce ingredients that are more sustainable, circular and have a lower CO2 footprint. They taste better and are crunchy and tender, and they are healthier and clean label.

The products are suitable for the oven, and there is also a new application for the microwave.

To create the vega food products ORFI Food Ingredients uses ingredients from vegetables, fruit, seaweed, fungi or insects, and their sidestreams.

  • VEGA-pops (extruded crunchy balls)
  • VEGA-coatings (extruded crispy crumbs)
  • VEGA-flour (extruded soluble powder)
  • ORFI-hydro (extruded natural binder)
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