Orbisk developed the world’s first fully automated food waste monitor. We outfit the food waste bin in hospitality institutions with a scale and a smart camera. The camera runs an AI image recognition algorithm that recognises ingredients from images. Without any effort from the user, this machine registers WHAT and HOW MUCH food is wasted, but also WHEN and WHY. This information can be used to find and optimize the inefficiencies in your food providing process.

By means of action oriented dashboarding we can help you to balance portions, optimize stocking and plan more efficiently. This will result in significant economic value due to savings on buying, personnel and waste disposal + utility costs. This way food waste can be prevented as opposed to reappropriated, annually saving an estimated over 4,000 kilos of food waste for an average sized restaurant, worth €20,000 - €60,000, a net margin improvement of up to 4%!

  • IoT
  • Food waste
  • AI
  • Sustainability
  • Hospitality
  • Operational efficiency
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