OnePlanet Research Center

Intelligent chip technology offers infinite possibilities

OnePlanet Research Center develops innovative products at the intersection of agriculture, food and advanced chip and digital technology. In May 2021, the innovation center joined the Foodvalley network: “Our chip technology can be used in many ways. By working together with other Foodvalley members, we can launch and speed up development processes.”

Oneplenet has found an innovative way to use chip technology that is already applied on a large scale in other domains, such as telecom, ICT and mobility. And because it is used widely, the technology has become affordable. The innovation center wants to work together with other businesses to make tomorrow’s technologies available today for the largest possible audience in the field of agriculture and food.

Mutual indispensability: knowledge brought together in one innovation center

OnePlanet Research Center is an initiative of imec, Wageningen University & Research, Radboud University and Radboudumc. “We are not like-minded and we do not share a common problem: there is mutual indispensability. By bringing together all knowledge about technology, food, health and circularity in one innovation center, you can see that 1 + 1 + 1 equals much more than 3. In just two years – we started in 2019 – we have made huge steps forward”, says Chris van Hoof, General Manager at OnePlanet and Vice President at imec.

Working together to make technology available for a large audience

OnePlanet has split product development into two domains: Precision Health, Nutrition & Behavior and Precision Agriculture & Food Processing. At Foodvalley, OnePlanet has joined two Innovation fields: Food & Health and Circular Agrifood. Chris: “At this moment, we have 70 people working at OnePlanet itself. In addition, we have access to all employees in the outside shell. That much knowledge creates an enormous driving force that Foodvalley members can profit from as well.”

Affordable solution to monitor the quality of vegetables and fruit

“For the Precision Agriculture & Food Processing domain we create sensors, for example, that monitor the quality of vegetables and fruit in a faster and cheaper way, without having to use a laboratory. The monitoring takes place at the grower’s, which means that fruit and vegetables stay intact. Based on the directly available results, growers will be able to work efficiently and in a circular manner in the future, with accurately weighed nutrients and a minimum of agro chemicals.”

Ingestible sensor collects data

“We are also developing an ingestible sensor that collects data from people who suffer from stomach or abdominal disorders. With that data we can learn how the body responds to certain nutrients. A great way to bring together technology, medicine and food. For medical applications the R&D cycle is longer than for other applications. The technology is ready, we hope to be able to perform human clinical trials next year.”

Appeal to Foodvalley members

These are just two examples of the many possible applications. Chris concludes:  “We are curious to find out which opportunities the other Foodvalley members see in the market: are you developing something that you believe these technologies could contribute to, then we’d love to work together. We consider our Foodvalley membership a two-way street: together we achieve more.”

Chris van Hoof, General Manager OnePlanet Research Center

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