Nisco came to life in 2018 as a joint venture between the Norwegian ingredient company AM Nutrition and Crispy Food Nordic A/S. Nisco is one of the leading producers and suppliers of texturized pea protein.

NISCO has a range of extruded pea protein, which can be used in many applications such as meat-replacement or hybrids. Nisco has become an expert in meat substitutes and replacements due to taste, functionality and the sensory experience.

Each of the 2 partners have a significant role in the whole supply chain. AM Nutrition provides the pea concentrate and Crispy Foods processes/extrudes different product formulations for the pea protein assortment. The purpose is to understand the specific needs of the customers with the purpose to give a recommendation which the customer could test. This means that many solutions are tailormade or adapted to the specific customers needs. Nisco works with global B2B customers for a win-win and longterm partnership.

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