Nippon Suisan Europe

Marine Products Business, the core business of the NISSUI Group, maintains a system enabling us to deliver safe, secure and delicious fish at all times by performing a vertically-integrated operation including fishery, aquaculture, processing and sales.

The Processed Food Business, a leader of the NISSUI Group in tandem with Marine Products Business, produces and sells an enormous variety of products in Japan, such as frozen prepared foods for household and commercial uses, canned and bottled foods, fish sausage, chikuwa, and imitation crab and fish paste products.

Within the Fine Chemicals Business, NISSUI jointly developed and commercialized high-purified EPA as pharmaceutical ingredients and supplies EPA/DHA refined for foods as nutritional products, food products such as baby formula, and supplements in Japan and overseas, including Western countries and Asia. Nippon Suisan Europe B.V. operates as a subsidiary of NISSUI.

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