Niacet is a leading global producer of organic salts, including propionates and acetates, focusing on the Food and Pharmaceutical industries. Niacet's products fill vital needs in a broad range of applications that are essential to everyday life including food preservation, antibiotic formulation, dialysis treatment, energy production, and more.

Niacet is a globally recognized company dedicated to the development of high quality products for the food industry, offering a range of specialty products based on organic salts, functional blends and mixtures for food safety, shelf life extension and acidity regulation & flavouring.

Niacet’s food product portfolio consists of products for:
- Bakery preservation and quality enhancement (Probake product line and Niaproof lactylates)
- Acidity regulation, flavoring and mineral fortification (Progusta product line)
- Meat preservation (Provian product line)
- Various food applications

  • Food safety
  • Shelf life extension
  • Sodium reduction
  • Meat preservation
  • Listeria control
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