It is time to leave a better world for future generations.

Natulatte is a brand new start-up about to pop her products to the markets this summer. The company started with powdered oat milk for your cappuccino or café au lait. But are now busy with launching vegan: - choco latte, - matcha latte (on matcha tea base) - chai latte (on chai tea base) and also - red velvet latte. The topping and lattes will soon be available for direct use in coffee machines. In addition, everything also will be available in sachets for use at home, at work or on the road. Natulatte aims to pack the products in biodegradable packaging. And will be sold through wholesalers and supermarkets.

Natulatte also introduces the world’s first vegan coffee vending machine in June 2020! To be installed in companies who dare to be different! You can keep your own coffee supplier and Natulatte delivers the state of the art machine all the delicious and healthy ingredients for your latte moments!

Natulattes mission is freedom and happiness for humans and animals. A little less animal on our plate AND in our coffee and lattes! Is good for planet earth! And is also much healthier and safer for us!

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