My Own Health

Insights in your nutritional need

Everyone needs a different daily amount of nutrients. Startup My Own Health provides personalised recommendations and tailor made vitamin supplements based on a self-test. The blood test can be done easily at home with a finger prick. Based on the analysis, My Own Health provides an overview of the blood values of the measured vitamins and if necessary provides a personalised supplement to optimise these values.

The founder and neurobiologist Amos Attali, has over twenty years of experience in leading research and development programs for medical products, including medical nutrition, for various diseases. He believes the impact of nutrition is often underestimated. The resilience of an individual partly depends on the diversity and amount of the available nutrients in the body. With My Own Health, his mission is to empower consumers to have a better understanding of their individual needs and to help them easily improve their nutritional status and thereby optimise their health.


Amos Attali

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