Monkeys By The Sea

Plant-based alternatives to seafood

Monkeys By The Sea has developed 100% plant-based seafood products, such as plant-based tuna, tuna-salad, plant-based fish fingers and crispy cod bites. “We believe the world is ready for tasty alternatives to seafood. We love our oceans, and we believe we can turn our diets into a force for good to protect Mother Ocean,” says Thijs Wullems, Head of the Tribe at Monkeys By The Sea.

The scale-up phase involves more seafood alternatives that match the taste, texture, and nutritional benefits of real fish and seafood.  Their plant-based range is using non-GMO ingredients and are free from soy and palm oil. In addition, the company includes unique ingredients like purified sea-water, microalgae, seaweed, and algal oils.

No monkey business, just delicious!


Thijs Wullems

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