MMR Research

From sensory science to powerful application

Successful product innovation is created from a perfect blend of consumer insight and sensory science. MMR Research has been doing this for over 30 years and now wants to share its knowledge and ideas with other Foodvalley members.

“We have known about Foodvalley for a few years now and realized that we share the same values,” says James Gater, Head of MMR the Netherlands. “We need to join forces in order to establish food security around the world, and we are both driven by innovation. Moreover, the Foodvalley innovation themes Protein Shift and Food & Health are perfectly in line with our own research.”

Consumer acceptance

“We want to meet start-ups that are developing novel technologies and food ingredients. We also want to learn more about how corporates move from the stage of product development to commercialization: how do they make sure that consumers accept and value their new products? We are also interested in trends in the food business,” Gater explains.

Sensory at heart

In turn, MMR Research is happy to share its broad knowledge, expertise and vision on consumer sciences. “We are experts when it comes to decoding sensory characteristics and we partner with global manufacturers of consumer package goods (CPGs) to help engineer the sensory delivery of their products, ensuring they deliver specific emotional and functional benefits,” says Gater. “Do consumers, for example, see a product as a meat replacer, or as an independent, sustainable protein product? And how does a logo like Nutriscore affect product perception? We can dive deeply into such questions.”

From sensory science to commercial application

At MMR Research - with offices around the world - sensory science meets powerful commercial application. From branding and innovation to product development and retail strategy, it’s the company’s aim to make the entire brand experience more memorable. MMR supports its clients at every stage of their innovation process, from consumer & sensory research, brand strategy and rapid product development to packaging design and commercial application. The agency has ten offices located all around the world; this means they can offer global insight as well as local market knowledge to their clients.


James Gater

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