Millets Place BV

Millets Place produces own varieties of high-quality teff grain in several countries worldwide. With a select group of farmers, the whole chain from farmers to customers is controlled carefully.

Millets Place produces and sells teff grain and derivatives (e.g. flour, flakes, puffs). All products are gluten-free.

Millets Place contributes to the creation of healthy and tasteful food products for everyone, from sportsmen to gluten-free food consumers. Millets Place products come from natural, authentic, and nutritious raw materials. The products of Millets Place can be used as major ingredients in daily food products for consumers with a focus on health, wellness and sport performance.

Millets Place products are delivered worldwide to food producers and retailers that focuses on these groups of consumers.

  • Healthy Food
  • Unique Products
  • Specialties
  • Innovation
  • Fast and Reliable
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