MilkWays has developed a cutting edge technology for intercontinental transport of large volumes of fresh milk

Pure fresh milk can be preserved up to 45 days without any deviation of taste. MilkWays is already discussing this solution with parties in China, SE Asia and the Middle East.

It takes 1,000 liters of water to produce 1 liter of milk. Due to the climate and the availability of land and fresh water, producing milk is more efficient in some countries than in others. Moreover, some densely populated regions do not have sufficient agri-resources.

MilkWays’ solution enables to produce dairy in an optimal region and then transport the milk, to be processed locally into final premium consumer products with full shelf-life. By putting ‘the cow back in its natural habitat’ not only the environmental impact can be halved, but also the production cost.

  • Fresh milk with a high quality and good taste that lasts for 45 days